Lilacs in a Window, Mary Cassatt

Have not been able to bring myself to even look at my Real Estate Principles textbook yet, but I must read Chapter 8 by Monday–maybe over the weekend.

I have, however, glory be, been at work, actually writing, A Lamentation of Swans. I know I’m planning to return to full-time work on this novel in the new year, but it’s been tugging at me lately so I’m surrendering to the pull, getting what I can get done before November 1st.

A home project that’s been in the wings for a long time has lured my attention too this week. I want to paint the condo and discovered Behr’s wonderful  ColorSmart interactive tool and have been playing with various color combinations for the living room and bedroom. I’m drawing inspiration from the colors in Pre-Raphaelite and Impressionist art. I’ve decided to use the colors in John Waterhouse’s The Soul of the Rose painting–which I love–for the bedroom. The copper, ivory, rose, and aquamarine tones in that painting make a nice palette for my bedroom decor. Still playing around with a good palette for the living room, though I’ve found a wonderful yellow–lemon souffle–for the walls. I’m going to paint the whole place myself. That ought to be fun. And I guess I should paint the walls before I replace the flooring.


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  1. Hi Debra. Thanks for stopping by, and for the supportive words as ever. Let’s be the living proof that perfectionistic firstborns can finish and deliver…


  2. It seems to be that time of year — winding down the Summer and now the Fall and preparing for the Winter ahead. I’ve been bogged down with classes and other activities and haven’t had a minute to spare on writing my own stuff — other than the work I do for Planet Eye. I’m longing to return to my novel. But there’s still two or three weeks left of classes and running around.

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