The Windfall, Arthur Rackham

Despite my feeling that I’m too close to finishing the rewrite of Loose Daddy to shelve it–I’ve shelved it anyway. I’m sick of the novel and need a break from its neediness. I want to uncouple its clinging arms and step away from it. And so I have. I’m feeling less smothered now.

I’ve returned to work on Sweet Taboo. At last count, it was 31,714, but I just revised the last page I wrote, page 161, and the word count is now 31,767. A few words more–a crack in the ice. I’m in the middle of a good scene, finding my way through it. I had errands to run this morning, and then I had to study Chapter 8 of Real Estate Principles for class tomorrow night. I’m grateful for that tiny crack in the ice.

It’s a breezy, sunny Sunday afternoon, and I’ve not taken a walk yet today; might not get to it. A while back I started reading Storm Constantine’s Wraeththu trilogy. I’m at Chapter Four of the first book: The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit. So far, I’m fascinated.


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  2. Hi, Morpho Ophelia! I’ve been meaning to read her work for quite some time and finally got to it. I think it is a reprint; I think the whole series has been reprinted. Thanks for visting! d:)

  3. I. love. Arthur. Rackham.
    Thanks for posting this illustration. For some reason, it has given me a “leap” today. I will now go rake leaves and ponder a piece I’m working on.

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