Why I do NaNo. First time, in 2006, afraid to join officially ’cause I didn’t think I’d actually make it to 50,000 words in a month, I did it on my own, began November 1 and on November 30, I had a full manuscript of Silk River, a rough and raw 50,000 words but finished! I have not rewritten it yet but I like the story and it’s still ghostdancing through my mind.

Come 2007, I went official and made the goal, writing Sweet Taboo. But I told myself I would not go through the torture of NaNo again. I lied.

Here’s why–it breaks the ice. For 30 days it shuts up the muttering demon, blunts its jabbing claw pointing at every scribble. And it’s addicting. I’m afraid I’m going to be stuck every year now writing a novel in the month of November. But the thought of not doing it frightens me more. What!? Let the whole month escape with no intense and furious writing of my newest brainchild? Oh hell no!

Beside Michelle and I celebrate our success with a sumptuous dinner at Summit House in Fullerton–wine, appetizers, the main course of whatever we want, dessert, coffee–I may even have an after-dinner cognac this year. We switch off picking up the tab. This year’s my turn. Michelle’s already made the reservation. Got to earn my dinner!


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