october heat

Lanterns, Maxfield Parrish

44,474, Loose Daddy. Wow. October has slinked in barefoot, hips drapped in a sarong. Days and nights have been bathed in August heat since September. Summer is not giving up without a fight. Same goes for me and Loose Daddy. Thanks, Devon, for the encouraging word. Looks like I may make 50,000 afterall. There’s a continuity problem in this final sequence but I’m writing the climactic scene this week and will take care of the timeline issue in a few more days.

The heat has been giving me vivid dreams. Tuesday night’s dream was fanciful and involved. I dreamt I was an old Chinese man, running from Chinese assassins for some vague betrayal. There were delicate pieces of paper that were actually explosives. They floated through the air and blew up with near-nuclear consequence. The dream was detailed and as colorful as a silk kimono. Last night I was in a city, New York it seemed, at a club built on the ocean–you could see water beneath the flooring. A panoramic window showed a dark blue green, somewhat threatening ocean and a huge ocean liner that looked a bit scary to me. Adventure’s afoot in the old subconscious.

Now that October’s here, I’ve got the November Novel on my mind, preparing for NANO. Loose Daddy may have to wait while I scribble notes, and work up some kind of outline. I’d like an outline this year. Right now I’ve got an idea for the setting and a main character in mind and I’m thinking there’ll be a murder. Don’t have a title yet.


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  1. It seems you’re making good progress anyway. I’ve been distracted from Shadow of the Lion by various things such as going away on a media weekend to the mountains (free); writing my Vancouver snippets for Planet Eye (it’s a paying gig so I must be diligent); new classes, one of which is especially exciting! catching up on odds and ends of writing projects. Now I have most of it organized or done and I can resume work on the novel. I filled my plate too full the Fall and I’m really feeling stressed because of it. But one has to make a few bucks when possible.

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