dry spell, slow rain

Sixteenth Century Persian, Tilings From Historical Sources

Had a few days of dry spell mixed in with a heavy dose of frustration with Loose Daddy but It seems to be melting away now. Since winter’s coming, and traffic’s already thickened to a starchy consistency, I’m returning to my early morning routine, leaving home at six and spending my writing time at Starbucks until day job time rolls around. Took Neo with me this morning, had a productive session.

Some notes…

  • The “dusting roses” scene must be moved and revised to fit better in the narrative flow. It sets up the coming action between Tyrell and Sandra.
  • Tyrell should visit Calvin’s grave when he’s at the cemetery.
  • Need to write out the story’s chronology so I can keep track of events.
  • Add the new dialogue between Tyrell and Lucas in the San Hermosa sequence.
  • New objective: Write the “moving stuff” scene between Tyrell and Keisha.
  • Tyrell and Sandra could marry in early January. Think about this.