lumps and hollows

Elizabethan, Tilings from Historical Sources

So the cloud lifted from Loose Daddy yesterday, I saw a way across the chasm that had opened at my feet and brought me to a stumbling stop for the past couple weeks. I’d removed a certain sequence that I’m now going to put back as it held the answer to the problem–an answer I couldn’t see at all until it blooped out of the swamp and floated like a feather in front of my startled eyes. I figured out what to do–the word chase is on. I’ve targeted the end of September to finish the rewrite.


2 thoughts on “lumps and hollows

  1. Good luck with that chasm! I hate it when holes open up like that, but I’m always glad when I can finally *see* them. At least then you can build a bridge instead of stumbling right off the cliff.

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