a dream of vast silence

Byzantine, Tilings from Historical Sources

43,205, Loose Daddy Rewrite. So what have I been doing lately? Gradually recovering from the Loose Daddy disaster. Yesterday was Writing Saturday with Michelle. We celebrated her still-to-come birthday (Sept. 20) with lunch at the Renaissance Cafe. Afterward, we spent our writing time ensconced in comfy armchairs at Panera until dinnertime. I worked on LD, doing scene-by-scene cards. I’ve been very irritated with the novel lately and thought it would help to get a long look at it. I suspect I’m going to have to rearrange a few scenes, hence the index cards. I reached Chapter 8 yesterday. When I’m done with the scene-by-scene work, I’ll lay out the cards and contemplate.

I also wrote two pages of a new scene for LD, asked myself a slew of questions, and that yielded material for additional scenes. The book is growing in spite of the miserable time I’m having with it. I think I’ve reached that I HATE THIS BOOK stage. I’d like to drop-kick it off a cliff, but it’s really a good book and I must persevere.

I put LD away and spent some time thinking about a new short story. A conversation struck up between an angel and a serpent in one of the halls of Heaven and I happily followed along. We closed our day with take-home dinners from Panera (the Harvest Salad for her; and the tomato and mozzarella panini with tomato soup for me). I’d brought along my Netflix copy of MRS. PALFREY AT THE CLAREMONT –a charming and beautiful movie starring the charming Joan Plowright and the beautiful Rupert Friend in a lovely story about the touching friendship between an elderly widow and a kind young writer–and after that, three SUPERNATURAL episodes from Season Two. (Michelle is catching up.)

My third season dvd of SUPERNATURAL has arrived! Yay!

The year is rolling to a close and I’m not happy about the short days and early darkness, not to mention the dratted time change. Summer didn’t seem very long this year. It’s hot still though–hot, hot, hot. Last night was dragon’s breath warm well after midnight, and this morning’s hungover, broody sky, muggy air, but I like sleeveless weather so I’m not complaining about it, just observing.

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  1. When you start feeling discouraged like that, it’s a good idea to just set it aside and give it a little rest. You seems to have lots of different projects on the go. I was for awhile too, then decided to shelve them all (temporarily of course) and focus only on the novel and the occasional travel piece (which is a totally different genre of writing only takes me a short time to finish.) When I go back to the novel I’m always happily surprised. You probably will be too.

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