so much for that

Nature morte aux fiancailles, Henri Fantin-Latour

42,721, Loose Daddy. Devon and Adrian, thanks for the cheers! Though I suffered a bit of a setback yesterday. Was working with my edit copy and accidentally accepted and saved all adds and deletes, thus turning my edit copy into a final–shoot! Since I’m close to the end I’d created a final copy in a separate file and was saving my changes to it as I went along. Forgetting which copy I was on, I saved the wrong one! I didn’t realize that Word counts all adds and deletes so while my edit copy showed about 47,000 words, my final, with all adds and deletes accepted, shows about 42,000–42,721 to be exact–so that’s it.

Fortunately I’d saved a hard copy of my edits to a thumb drive, but it doesn’t have all of them. No big deal, I guess. I’ll work with the final draft–not too much left story-wise really.


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  1. Yikes, I’ve done the very same thing. Or sworn that I made dozens of edits…and can’t find them anywhere. I’m glad LD is going so well! I finally got the LKH post up this morning.

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