sigh-h-h, eyeroll

Egyptian, Tilings from Historical Sources

Attempted last night to finish reading The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by Gordon Dahlquist but finally gave it up. More than three-quarters through and I realized I didn’t care what happened to the characters or about the story. I began this book in a fine dander of anticipation and enjoyment but eventually became lost in the maze of meandering prose and a cartoonish plot that was all a series of capture, near-capture, ceaseless narrow escapes, and a ponderous mid-section that did me in. I put it down several times over the course of more than a year and picked it up after long intervals–guilting myself into  continuing to read it because I’d already read so much so far, hadn’t I? So why not go ahead and finish it? No thanks. Too bad it turned out not to be my cup of tea afterall. I’m done wearing out my near-sighted eyes on it and greatly relieved too.

I also decided Laurell K. Hamilton’s Blood Noir was not worth any more of my time either. Gosh; never thought I’d see the day when Anita Blake bored me.

Loose Daddy is close to shore, but I’m worried that it is starting to founder on hidden shoals.

Sweet Taboo is going slowly at a one sentence at a time pace.


2 thoughts on “sigh-h-h, eyeroll

  1. Oh noes! Say it ain’t so about Anita Blake! I’ve had a lot of problems with that series but I love Nathaniel, Damien, Wicked & Truth, etc. too much to stop. Notice I didn’t say JC–and certainly not Richard. Bah. I haven’t read Blood Noir yet — haven’t even bought it yet. I swore off hardcover after Incubus Dreams.

  2. I love the crew too. Nathaniel and company and Jean-Claude (Richard–Bah!) have kept me reading her all this time. Heck I’m still buying the hardcovers! But good grief Blood Noir is a disappointment to me. d:)

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