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Midsummer, Albert Moore

31,104, Sweet Taboo. Took my coffee up to the beach this morning, sat on the pink concrete bench near the pedwalk. It’s bright and sunny,  with a pleasantly cool wind swirling off the metallic blue, wave-dippled sea. Last night I wrote more on the Valley of the Shadow of Death scene from Randall’s point of view. I’ve not written much yet on the jazzfest scene, the second scene in Chapter 9. It’s resisting me. One sentence at a time is the best I can do. 

Also thinking about Loose Daddy. Think I’ll review the manuscript again. There’s aspects of the story I’ve ignored that I think could do with more development. I’d like to work more with what I have rather than write new narrative that may not serve the story well. I’ve outlined thirteen chapters, and roughly drafted half the synopsis.

Today’s work is abbreviated ’cause I’ve got an event to attend this evening in Santa Monica and have to leave at 1:30 this afternoon.


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  1. I’m just trying to catch up on all the blogs I haven’t been stopping to read lately. Busy with lots of writing and other events. You’re making some impressive progress!

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