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44,266, Loose Daddy. Had a successful read of the revised Chapter 12 from Loose Daddy at writer’s group yesterday, and came home with several nuggets for thought. Meant to spend yesterday afternoon working on it, but it was hot, hot, hot, making me lazy, lazy, lazy. The sun had blasted every cloud out of the sky, leaving nothing but blue from horizon to horizon. I spent the afternoon sprawled in the chaise reading the Sept/Oct issue of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and drinking sweet iced tea.

Had LD on my mind this morning, but didn’t get to Chapter 12 until after 3 pm. Had to take care of a family obligation. Soon as that was done, I applied bottom to chair, opened the file and got to work improving the chapter. Altered the scene to bring out more of Sandra’s reaction, more of how Tyrell felt, and trimmed and tightened here and there. It’s a stronger chapter now. 3,715 words.

After printing out the new draft, I unwound with a walk through the neighborhood, and talked to myself about Sweet Taboo (30,422). I’m at Chapter 9. Strolled up to Ocean, to the bluff, and sat for a while, enjoying a gusty wind, and watching the sea. It was dark blue-green, appeared metallic and cold, despite the brilliant sunshine. There were a few sailboats out. 


Got a piece of junk mail from a company whose credit card I have. Here’s what it said: “We’ve noticed that you are not taking full advantage of your rewards program. We value you as a customer, however if your account remains unused for purchases over the next 60 days, we will remove your rewards program.” 

This set me to giggling. Pretty soon full-blown guffaws pealed out of me just shy of ROFLMAO.

OMG! They’re going to take away my rewards program! What am I going to do!? Oh me! Oh my! Heavens to Betsy and the yellowbrick road!

I’ve never taken advantage of their so-called rewards program! I’ve no need of their so-called rewards program. What a buncha maroons! To the credit card company whose greed so outstrips its “generosity”–bite me.


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  1. What a buncha maroons! really made me giggle aloud.

    I love reading about how you think story while walking to the ocean. Lovely. Meanwhile I need to go clean up another monster mess! Not quite the same scenery. 🙂

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