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Still Life with Oysters and Pastries, Osias Beert

30,422, Sweet Taboo. Chapter 9 off to a good start, and I think I’ll spend a little time with Demario Simmons. Tomorrow I’m reading from Loose Daddy at my writer’s group meeting at Michelle’s. Have not decided exactly what though, but it’ll be from the new writing.

Note to me: Don’t have enough setting details in Sweet Taboo. Also, Randall keeps an electric shaver in the car for those workday mornings when he and Deidre are slow to get out of bed. And Randall ought to have that little chat with Bruce early on. And Rachel needs to be introduced sooner. Deidre doesn’t live in the twilight zone, must furnish her apartment. Are we going to visit Randall’s loft too? Maybe, maybe not. Demario likes the idea of the sunset concert in the park by the beach. Anything else? Yeah–don’t forget Randall’s and Deidre’s day trip to Ramona Beach. Or will that be Santa Barbara?