tea with the demon

Still Life with Nautilus Cup, Osias Beert

27,838, Sweet Taboo. Thought I’d be flailing about, but this morning I got the opening to Chapter 9. Have not written it yet, was journaling Demario. It took every minute of the morning commute to get to work today. I was running ten minutes off schedule. The South Bay crawl, the La Tijera constipation, and the roadwork on Olympic made me want to stick a fork in my eye, but, believe it or not, I was in the office at 9:28–two minutes to spare when I thought I’d be at least ten minutes late.

Demario Simmons. Chapter 9 is all about Demario. He walked on in an earlier chapter. Wasn’t sure if he’d have a big part to play, but once he showed up, he figured out a way to make himself useful. Smart guy. His role is about to take on substance.