Still Life with Oysters and Glasses, Osias Beert

27,838, Sweet Taboo. Finished Chapter 8 yesterday, and I’ve reached a lull point–the twilight zone between chapters. It’s dark but there are stars overhead. Last night I hole-punched the manuscript and placed it in a notebook binder for easy reference when I check for continuity errors. I’ve already seen a few, will deal with them later. Except for journaling and posting, no new writing this morning. Don’t know the next plot step, but I’m loving the story.


3 thoughts on “lull

  1. Kudos for finishing Chapter 8, and bonus points for putting it in a binder. It’s like putting jewels in a safe.

    Keep the faith.

  2. Love is where it all comes from. Loving the story, loving the characters. They’ll reach out to you, grab hold and pull you along where they need to go.

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