polka-dotted rainbow

The Music Lesson, Jan Vermeer

27,368, Sweet Taboo. Saturday’s work was the scene between Deidre and her mother. Pleased to say that it went well and led nicely into a scene between Deidre and Randall. After our writing session, Michelle and I headed off to dinner and the third Mummy movie: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Bottom line–save yourself a few dollars, wait for the video.

On Sunday another friend and I went to see director Julian Jarrold’s Brideshead Revisited. It was excellent. A superb rendition of Evelyn Waugh’s novel. This was not my first visit to Brideshead. I’ve been there before via a previous production and also read the book. This is a beautifully done movie with a superb cast who do justice to Waugh’s story. I’ll be adding the dvd to my collection.

This morning I moved along further in Chapter 8, and made a decision, well should say that Randall made it for me, about a certain revelation in the novel which I’d been holding back until I could dramatize it in proper writerly fashion. Well so much for that hoity-toity attempt to manipulate my characters–thank goodness. Not sure how it’ll turn out but Chapter 8 is making its way to closure. And, to my surprise, I’m making my way into the last third of the book already!

Oh, and I’m halfway through Devon Ellington’s Hex Breaker.