old vines, new grapes

The Wizard, Sir Edward Burne-Jones

26,648, Sweet Taboo. Early on I visualized two different endings for ST, wasn’t sure which one would be the one, figured as the story unfolded, the right ending would be revealed. Yesterday it happened, and now I know where the road goes. I don’t know the specifics, don’t know exactly how I’m going to get there, but there’s a lantern shining way down there at the end of the road.

During the month of July I wrote 5,752 words of ST. However I began the rewrite with 28,385 (after tossing out 21,615 from the original 50,000) and cut an additional 6,437, bringing the manuscript to a new 21,948, and it’s been progressing from there.

Tomorrow is Writing Saturday with Michelle. I hope to complete Chapter 8.

3 thoughts on “old vines, new grapes

  1. Good luck on Saturday. You are making a lot of progress. Hope you get a lot of writing done over the weekend. How exciting to finally glimpse that light at the end of the tunnel! I remember that feeling on one of my previous stories after months of hard work and it was so gratifying.

  2. Do tell – what is Writing Saturday? Do you get together with a writing friend and write? Does that work?

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