boogie woogie shake break

Cinderella and the Glass Slipper, Warwick Noble

26,062, Sweet Taboo. So, yesterday, I’m at the day job standing at the end of my desk, thinking about the next thing I need to do–the floor shimmies, the walls begin to rock, the building shakes, rattles, and rolls. I’m holding on to the edge of my desk, thinking about getting under it. There’s a dozen floors above me so fat lot of good that would’ve done.

Office towers in Los Angeles are on shockwave rollers so we all had a shake break for a bit. I’m sure the window washers could’ve done without the E-ticket ride. The temblor finally stilled, but the building continued to rattle as it settled down. The walls creaked and groaned for quite a few minutes after. There were people walking around outside who didn’t even feel it! 5.4! That so So Cal!

I’m writing a scene between Deidre and her mother Niobe, the opening of Chapter 8. I’m one page in and feeling my way, not sure how this scene will turn out, only knowing that I’m groping toward a good point.


2 thoughts on “boogie woogie shake break

  1. Glad the quake wasn’t any more than it was! Speaking of making the ground shake, all the progress you’re making on your novel is pretty magnitudinous in its own right! Hope that’s a word, or at least something shockingly close to a word. To put it plainly, you rock! Just don’t throw any stones at me after these unsettling comments! (Sorry, couldn’t withstand the temptation.)

  2. I am at your blog after months, and it is practically unrecognizable:)

    Congrats on the great progress of your book!

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