monday again

La Pensarosa, John William Godward

24,742, Sweet Taboo. Chapter 7 is finished (for now) at 2,745 words. There’s room for more, but it will come later. For now I’ve got what I want there. Yesterday, after I was done for the day, I took a short walk in the benevolent sunlight of late afternoon. A couple months ago there were two beautiful houses for sale on First Street, one for $1.2 million and one for $1.4 million. They’ve both sold, and another fine old home, a two-story Craftsman, is up for sale now. In the nine years I’ve lived in this neighborhood, this is the first time I’ve seen any of these magnificent old homes for sale.

So now I’m at Chapter 8 of Sweet Taboo and I’ve no idea what to write. Will have to do some thinking and planning.


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