she couldn’t find sand in a desert

Interior with Phonograph, Matisse

Wednesday night I finished reading Plainsong by Kent Haruf. Wonderful book. The writing is strong and beautiful, and the characters touched my heart. There was one scene between two elderly farmer brothers that made me laugh out loud in that abrupt startling way that surprised even me–I scared the cats and probably startled the neighbors. But it was one of those great funny scenes where the humor arose entirely from the nature of the characters.

At last, I’ve dragged myself out of Thursday and into Friday. Saturday is near! This weekend I hope to completely write the new Chapter 7 of Sweet Taboo. And what’s happening with Loose Daddy? Nothing lately. I’m stalled, can’t even think up the next word.


2 thoughts on “she couldn’t find sand in a desert

  1. Stalling happens. It totally sucks when it does, but don’t push yourself. Just relax and let the words flow. They will come.

    I’ll be rooting for you, Deb!

  2. Love this painting. Great colors and detail.

    Maybe instead of the next word, the key is in the picture. Interior with Loose Daddy. Your descriptions are so perfect: run with an interior.

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