rolling down the cliff

The Venetians, Sir Samuel Luke Fildes

43,672, Loose Daddy.

28,028, Sweet Taboo.

Sorry to have missed so many days without posting, but I’ve been “rolling down the cliff” of the day to day work routine and general mundanities with so much on my mind I only have enough gumption to drive Junior back and forth. I’m on the brink of a major decision–leaving California–but I won’t know for sure for a while yet so it’s one more boulder rolling around in the back of my mind, bumping up against the two novel manuscripts and all the other rocks and gravel back there.

Decent work done on Sweet Taboo this morning, and even managed to finish a page of Loose Daddy before I had to get up from my desk and get going. Steve has the first 3 chapters of Sweet Taboo and I’m anxiously anticipating his response.

Among the books I’m reading is a recent birthday gift from Michelle, Plainsong by Kent Haruf. Reading it reminds me of why I love the 3rd person viewpoint and voice. Third person lets you move in, out, and around the characters, be in their viewpoint for a time and then slip out into the narrative voice–the storyteller voice. The storyteller voice lets the reader see other aspects of the characters and their world. It’s the voice that informs, names,  explains, and describes using various writing devices–metaphor, simile, imagery, anecdote, etc. It is an observing voice, and it always lures me into a story. Thanks, Michelle. I’m loving this book.

Last night I watched Perfect Creature, directed by Glenn Standring. Set in an alternate New Zealand, it’s a well wrought vampire tale, but I wanted more story. What was conveyed was very intriguing. It ended in a way that made me hope for a second film. I particularly liked its mood, the way it was shot, its vision of an alternate world where vampires live peaceably with humans and are the keepers of religion and science–until the worse happens. I also liked Dougray Scott as Silus, the vampire hero. I’m adding this one to my dvd collection. In fact, I’ve decided to start collecting my favorite vampire films, including Thirty Days of NIght, and The Hunger. I already own Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I’m always on the lookout for a good vampire movie.


3 thoughts on “rolling down the cliff

  1. Oh, so much to think about and do. I need to get that vampire movie, Perfect Creature. It sounds like my kind of film and I’m a big fan of Dougray Scott. He is so underrated as an actor.

  2. Oh I so agree about Dougray Scott. He’s another of those actors who sink into a role and becomes the character. d:)

  3. Love Dougray Scott too. Hang in there with the writing and the commute. Hope whatever needing repairing was repaired. You’re welcome for the book and neat comment about third person writing I’m still enjoying rolling around in my mind.. Have a super weekend!

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