Merchant Receiving Moor in the Harbor, Nicolaes Bercham

42,826, Loose Daddy. Good work on LD during the weekend, and, surprise, surprise, 1,844 words on Sweet Taboo. Sunshine lured me outside into the cooling, sea-born breezes that sweep the bluff. I took Neo and went to sit in the little park overlooking the beach, wasn’t sure what would come of it, but at least I was outside enjoying the day.

Neo really is a boon to my productivity. I think because I can only see a few lines, I’m not thinking about a big white screen and how much I have to write. I’ve got Neo set to show me 4 lines. Before I know it, when I get home and print it out, I discover I’ve written ten pages at a sitting. That just makes me happy. So, since I was so very productive, I earned a treat. Took myself off to see WANTED, an assassin thriller with  Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, and Morgan Freeman. Loved it! But, y’know, I’ve got a thing for assassins. Right next to my thing for vampires. 

Which reminds me–I watched 30 DAYS OF NIGHT again. Still like it. Liked it even better the second time.

I pulled out Sweet Taboo because next week I’m taking it to Santa Barbara with me. I didn’t expect to really get anything new written on it this weekend, but I wanted to reconnect with the story and see where I’d stopped. Chapter 7 it was, and now Chapter 7 is finished. I’m taking Loose Daddy too, so I can do my two pages, however, ST is where I’ll devote most of the hours, and I hope to come home with Chapter 8.



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