casting a line into the water

A Priestess, John William Godward

41,929. Summer is creeping up on us, edging out the June gloom a little more each day. Did a nice bit of work on Loose Daddy this morning, the first time this week I got any writing done, and even so, it was only the start of a new scene focused on Tyrell’s memory of his father. I was trepidatious about it and held off writing ’cause I had no idea what to do, but I realized it needed to be in the story, and would work well with all that’s gone before. So I journaled details and thoughts about Tyrell’s father, Nolan Dorsey, until I hit upon the start of the scene. I decided to wing it, start writing, and let the narrative unfold rather than determining anything beforehand. That vague sense I feel about it means something’s hiding in the mental mist, and will eventually crystallize.