sharp impact

The Dream of the Prisoner, Moritz Ludwig von Schwind

41,731, Loose Daddy. Foot-browsed about the city Sunday afternoon, that portion of streets between 1st and 5th, enclosing a variety of houses, mostly California bungalows and Spanish cottages, apartment buildings of cement and brick, tobacco shops, 7-11 stores, donut shops, coffee cafes sprouting on quiet corners, liquor stores, shops selling body oils, candles, and silver jewelry, wine shops, tiny art galleries and laundromats. The sky was white with sunshine and every now and then breezes swirled about. I took photos of all sorts of things–a newly paved alley, wide and clean, between the post office and brand-spanking new apartments, an abandoned gas station painted pasty-white, gated entryways, clapboard cottages, the gilded spires and jewel-like mural of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, purple agapanthas, the Art Deco facade of the post office, which dates from the 1930s, a crazy quilt of visual this and that’s to help me build the imaginary city of Del Amo, to help me render attitude, infuse time and place with emotion, provide atmosphere.

I’m focusing as much as I can on Loose Daddy. This book has a heartbeat.


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