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Yes or No?, John William Godward

The ambivalence created between what is expected and what is real, is without a doubt, the source of much human misery. Janie at  Janie Harrison

41, 284, Loose Daddy. Friday at last. It’s not been a bad week. I’ve worked diligently on Loose Daddy and managed a quick look at A Lamentation of Swans, which led to revising the third scene in Chapter 1–a good thing. The revision got rid of a saggy scene at the end of the chapter which will work much better used elsewhere, and I moved Ferrant and Kei-Nori’s dialogue to an earlier place in the sequence–much to the good of the chapter.

I need to spend some time wandering the city with my camera, spying out streets, buildings, and vacant lots for settings in Loose Daddy. The city of Del Amo is there in the book, but there’s not enough of it. I want there to be a strong sense of place.

I’ve not forgotten about Sweet Taboo, but it’s at rest until I finish with Loose Daddy. The plan is to complete the rewrite by August 31, and then Steve gets to look at it again. Meanwhile I’ve given ALoS Thurday evenings, one night a week, because I must work on this book no matter what else I’m writing.


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  1. Sounds like you’ve set up a good schedule for yourself.

    I love taking photos of potential settings. I find place as important as character in my work.

  2. Yes it is! It adds not only to the visual sense of the story helps to bring the characters more to life. d:)

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