morning tea


Copper Cauldron with Three Eggs, Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin

My spa day was fabulous! I’m still glowing. Can definitely become addicted to Swedish massages and European facials. Since the place is within walking distance, I’ll be taking advantage of the half hour massages and the mini-facials when the mood strikes. Another nice thing about this particular spa, it is small and family-owned–the mother is a professional massage therapist and esthetician, her daughter runs the reception desk, and they have a small staff of professionals. Unlike the big spas, you’re not just another number walking in the door.

Today’s plan is to work on Sweet Taboo and do the Lady Moon revisions. Then, for LM, I must research markets. So far I’ve not been in the mood to drive down to the Cinemark and see any of the movies I’d like to see. Maybe I’ll make it out to see IRON MAN today; maybe not. Netflix is my friend.

3 thoughts on “morning tea

  1. Lucky you! I could do with a spa treatement about now. I’m just recouperating from two weeks of social events, exercise (lots of walking on sore feet), and various other distractions that have kept me from blogging or writing. This week I’ve managed to get back on track. Still I feel quite exhausted and need a few more days R&R to unwind and get properly focused.

    I’m going on a road trip to California June 10 – 20. Stopping at S.F. to see a cousin 3 days; 3 days in Santa Barbara for my grandson’s grad (I found a tourist hostel near the beach for really cheap!) and 3 days in Bakersfield. Sitting on the Greyhound will help me relax and concentrate on ideas etc. Looking forward to it!

  2. Wow! I need a spa treatment. I’m getting–ah–well, the body is getting older, and my joints ache. Laughing. Your writing sounds amazing. You appear to be dedicated and working the words. I am so happy for you.

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