the door in the wall


Untitled, Salvador Dali

Thanks to Devon for her suggestions which are helping me find the door in the story wall that’ll make Chapter 7 of Sweet Taboo real. A recent acquaintance commented to me that she wanted to have a writing community, to connect with others who write, to be able to share the joys and frustrations of creating stories. I realized that, after years of writing alone, that the internet has been my gateway into the writing community. It’s a nice neighborhood–a good place to be. I plan to stay.

The story wall…we work hard to build it well, and then we see, when we step back to study and admire our handiwork, that we’ve walled ourselves in. That would be me. So now I hunt for the door in the wall that I know is there. It’s a part of the bricks; all it needs is the right touch to show itself.

Netflix Nights–finally watched There Will Be Blood. Outstanding performance by Daniel Day-Lewis, a well-done movie, but I did not like the story. Still, I think I’ll read Upton Sinclair’s novel, Oil, upon which the movie is based. Also, a couple weeks ago, watched Chocolat, the luminous Juliette Binoche (my favorite European actress) paired with the incomparable Johnny Depp–loved it.

While Sweet Taboo wanders through the mind-meadow, I’ve been busy re-writing Loose Daddy. It’s coming along.