sunshine, blue sky

The Water Carriers, Henry Ryland

37,340, Loose Daddy. Had to recreate a paragraph somehow lost during yesterday morning’s work. Don’t know how that happened, but the recreation is probably better than the first writing anyway. Maybe. I hate when hard-won words disappear into the twilight zone. That happens when the brain has to wake up at OMG-thirty in the morning.

Judy’s picking me up today for the literary luncheon and then later this afternoon I’m meeting my paternal half-sister Alesia and her husband Michael who’re in town. Sunday they leave out of Long Beach port for their Mexican Riviera cruise. We’ll have dinner together this evening and walk about the Pike and Shoreline Village for a bit. It’s hot today, going to be a lovely warm evening.

My laundry’s done and I’m working on Loose Daddy until it’s time to get ready for the luncheon.

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  1. *OMG-thirty in the morning* is a good expression for many writers. Sometimes if I write that early, I go back later and read it and wonder what I was doing. Of course, this morning, I’ve had perfect clarity! LOL!

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