a burst of excitement

 At the Stream, Philip Hermogenes Calderon

I have been these past few weeks reconnecting with my literary novel, Loose Daddy, word by word. I finished the first draft in 2004 and it’s been in the files every since until I recently sent it off to a professional editor. His comments reinvigorated me for the book. I was at first uncertain about what I had to do and what could possibly come of it, but I’ve expanded the narrative by a couple thousand words so far, and the story is taking on the pleasant feel of a walk through a familiar forest.

I’m gradually slipping back into Tyrell’s state of mind. Tyrell’s challenge is to make a life for himself and his family. He’s young, already a father at 22, and it’s difficult; he doesn’t know if he can jump the fences laid out before him; he doesn’t know if he wants to. It is interesting how when a person is given a choice of doing something about a situation or doing nothing–the person often chooses to do nothing, and turns a deaf ear to the Call. While thinking about this, I felt a burst of excitement because I’m going to have to follow Tyrell through the forest, and even though it’s a familiar forest, there are places in it I didn’t go before.


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