need the sand shovel

Maternal Admiration, William Bouguereau

Got Loose Daddy back from the professional editor and it’s good news! I’m thrilled I took this step. It came via e-mail this morning, but I’ve not had a chance to print it out and review his comments–will do that tonight. The upshot–he thought it well written, good story, good quality work, and publishable–BUT it’s too short (yeah I knew that) so must expand the characters, develop more backstory, add more action–in short, give the story room to breathe, and Loose Daddy will be good to go.

This brings me to a new decision: set Sweet Taboo aside for a bit, say the month of May, and work on Loose Daddy. I need about 25,000 more words to grow the novel to maturity. One reason why the manuscript stayed in the file was ’cause I didn’t know what to do with it story-wise, but now I think I can dive in and get to work developing it some more. There is definitely room for growth in the narrative, and I’m thinking of a slew of material, story notes and scenes, in a box in the closet just waiting for me. That box has got the rest of Loose Daddy buried in half-written scenes and discarded sequences. Must find my sand shovel.


5 thoughts on “need the sand shovel

  1. I’ve always loved this book and can’t wait to see how you expand it. I predict these new scenes will be your favorites!

  2. Good for you. Focus on it and finish it now you’ve had the profession critique and encouragement.

  3. Congratulations! That’s terrific news! How wonderful that must feel to get such validation that your work is on target. [happy dance]

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