hot damn!


Iphigenia, Herbert Schmalz

Hey Lisa and Devon! (jumping up and down and waving maniacally). Another gloriously hot, Santa Ana-breezy day. I know this kind of superheated weather does not sit well with a good many folk, but I’m an unrepentant sunbunny and I love it when it’s hot! Love it! Summers don’t last long enough for me. I really should live in a place where winter never comes. So where’s my tropical island and whose buying it for me?

Now, mind you, I don’t hate winter, but it makes my bones hurt. Winter is a beautiful season–best observed from behind glass in a toasty room, for me. What it is–I don’t want to go out in it! Snow’s gorgeous, but I don’t want to be out in it doing something like getting to the day job, especially doing something like getting to the day job. It’s fun to watch boreal breezes toss the trees about and listen to it grumble and roar about the eaves–but I don’t want to walk in it. Rain is lovely! But I melt. 

So today, this very afternoon, I completed Chapter Six of Sweet Taboo! Kenny’s chapter. 2,848 words, bringing the count to 24,059. Me and Neo beneath the palm trees at Valparaiso Park, overlooking the ocean. I was struggling with the first scene and I thought that I wouldn’t get far ’cause it was like pulling La Muse’s teeth. I wrote the whole chapter! The whole chapter–printed out to fifteen pages! I’ve not done that in a sitting in a l-o-n-g time. I’m thrilled ’cause once I got going, after chasing down my gibbering monkey mind and corralling it with the songs I lined up on my Ipod Shuffle, I got into Kenny and we had a good time.

Michelle loaned me her set of Season 1 of WEST WING to help ease my wait for SUPERNATURAL, Season 3. And tonight I get to watch it guilt-free!

Excuse me while I swan about the living room with my new Chapter Six.


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  2. Oh lucky you! It’s still so cold and wet here although I had a lovely weekend on the Island for a special all-expense paid for weekend and it was much milder over there than on the mainland.
    I agree..the cold makes my bones hurt. I need some hot sun!
    And I need to get back to my writing…some disruptions lately.

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