the winds are rose-scented

L’Aurore, William Bouguereau

Santa Anas blowing from land to sea all day, warm, dry, rose-scented, picking up the fragrance from blossom-filled neighborhood yards. I read a little over 5 pages of Chapter Two from Silk River at writer’s meeting this morning (the rest of Chapter Two is too incoherent to read); it went well. My group are all experienced writers and their comments reflect a better perception of the novel than I have. It’s difficult for me to see when I’m on the right track with something, even if inside I know I am. That little voice of affirmation often gets drowned.

After getting home I took a walk up to the bluff and sat gazing at the ocean for a while, gathering my thoughts about the scene I’m about to write in Sweet Taboo. Some distance from the pier, a gaggle of white-winged sailboats bobbled on the flat, slow-running sea. Must’ve been a sailing class because they all gradually turned until their sails were phantasmal white lines and floated off. 

I really like what I’ve written of Sweet Taboo so far. I’m trying to be linear now in this draft, get the structure in place so that when I read through it, the story flows, and I can feel it attaining dimension.

Last night I finished Season Two of SUPERNATURAL, episodes “What Is and What Should Never Be”, “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1,” and “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2” (and it’s a good thing these last two were on the same dvd ’cause a conniption was going to break loose if I had to wait until Season 3 comes available). All I can say about it is wow. The stakes have been upped significantly for Dean and I hope the writers have not written themselves into a corner with his character. This series continues to surprise and delight me. And I just discovered both seasons at Amazon–so guess what I did? You’re right! And I got to use my $40.00 gift certificate balance! SUPERNATURAL for free! Yay! Fangirl much? Umm, yeah.