poetical prose

A Sea Nymph, Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Well, having cut Sweet Taboo to shreds a couple weeks ago, I’m now rebuilding it page by page, and I feel like finally, after a long time of being lost in the woods, I’ve found the good witch’s cottage, meaning I’ve reached a good place in this particular novel’s path to completion. The path is still loopy, I’m not yet on eagle’s wings, but the story has smoothed out some and I’m feeling better about it.

Tomorrow is writer’s group, and I’m reading. Think I’ll read from Silk River. I’m not rewriting this one yet, but am giving it a rough reading among my peers as much to hear it myself as to get their opinions and criticisms.

I’ve taken another risky step, encouraged by Lisa and sent the novel I finished in 2004, Loose Daddy to a professional editor. I decided to do this because I don’t have the time to give to the book right now, nor the energy, and the frustration level ran high with this one. And every time I thought about it growing mold in the file cabinet, I got depressed. Somebody else’s level head and cooler eyes were needed ’cause I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

So glad the weekend is nigh!


2 thoughts on “poetical prose

  1. You know, even your blog posts are lyrical…

    I am so thrilled to see you writing out loud about your latest progress. It’s bold to write about a book that gives you pains, even as you assign yourself to the editorial process. As much as we like to rail about the writer/editor relationship, some of the most enduring friendships have been born this way.


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