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SUPERNATURAL! As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve fallen in love with this show. Last night I got disc 5 of Season 2, watched episodes “Roadkill”, “Heart”, and “Hollywood Babylon.” There’s one more but I had to go to sleep! All are good, but I loved “Heart”, a lycanthrope story. One of the things I really like about this series is the good writing that lock character arc and storyline together, and Dean and Sam are a delight to watch. Dean, especially, is a kick. Having spent his formative years demon-hunting, he’s confused when a girl gives him her myspace address; Dean asks Sam if it’s some kind of porn site. Sam laughs at him. Sam, too, has his moments. For me, this show keeps getting better and better, but I’ve got one more Season 2 dvd coming, then I’m SOL until Season 3 hits Netflix.  What am I gonna do!?

I used to write at night, but I finally stopped because, well, the brain was fried and as soon as I focused on the page and maybe got down a few lines, the synapses jumped to INSTA-DOZE, so I gave it up, changed my schedule to mornings and weekends, and now only write at night when something is hopping about and screaming at me and the brain is going DO IT NOW!



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  2. Should I give the show another chance? I only ever watched one episode, with a trio of really stupid suburban witches, and I found it so offensive I’ve refused to watch it ever since.

  3. Well, I have not got to that one yet, but I’m really enjoying the show. Let’s see, I’ll send an e-mail recommending a few episodes for “second chance” viewing. d:)

  4. I luv Supernatural. Also, Ghost Whisper and Moonlight. I’ve changed my writing habits, too. I cannot write at night, either. I’m just too tired. I don’t know how you do all you do and work a job. I am so lazy! LOL!

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