working sunday

Japonaise, Jules Joseph Lefebvre

4:40 pm Update

Oh my gosh! I’m at Chapter Six of the SWEET TABOO rewrite. Could it be I’ve finally gotten out of my own way?

I did take a walk through the neighborhood, greeted a calico cat on her morning outing, and sniffed the sugary bloom of white roses spilling over the picket fence of a bungalow. Cold winds, but sunny. It’s Grand Prix week in Long Beach; final race today. There are “Welcome, Race Fans” banners flapping in the wind here, there, and everywhere.


Met with Janet Saturday for our monthly lunch and writer’s meeting at El Torito. Despite my Cadillac margarita, we had a good brainstorming session for ideas for our respective Silhouette Nocturne novellas. I worked more on mine when I got home, but I’m thinking now that I may start by writing a scene between the two characters I’ve got in mind and see where it goes.

Silhouette Nocturne is looking to buy for its new eBook program. The guidelines are at, the February 8, 2008 post.  (Since WordPress’s recent  changes, inserting a link when I’m on the Mac has become problematic.)

Watched more SUPERNATURAL last night, my latest Netflix darling. I’ve finished Season 1, and disks 2, 3, and 4 of Season 2. I love the interaction between the brothers Sam and Dean. Both characters are great, and Sam, the younger brother, is a good example of how to write a beta male with alpha qualities. The contrasting characteristics in their personalities play well off each other. “Tall Tales,’ one of my favorite episodes illustrates this well. Dean and Sam encounter a trickster demon who manipulates them with highly amusing consequences.

Today I’ve got to write more of SWEET TABOO, continue revising the scene where Randall shows himself to Deidre and also continue writing the yard sale scene. Don’t think I’ll get outside today.