not so much a struggle

Song of a Slave Girl, Henryk Semiradsky

Unbidden, the title to an unwritten non-fiction book came to me: Sex, Servitude, and Reproduction: Women in Polygamy. Interesting. Perhaps I should see if someone has written such a book.

Began revising the scene in Sweet Taboo where Randall’s spirit returns to Deidre. The important beats are Deidre’s reaction and Randall’s explanation. Have to be careful how I write this one. It takes place after Randall has shown himself to Kenny, which happens at the yard sale. I’ve reached a good stage. Now I’m determining the heartbeat of the scenes, striking the stone that sparks the narrative.

It’s getting near time for me to return to A Lamentation of Swans. Working with Sweet Taboo helps me see how to write ALoS, where to find the words, the only words that will render ALoS the way it should be.  This is why I move between manuscripts. Each story is shrouded in the mystery of its own words, and the words must be sought out through the writing. It’s not so much a struggle as a seeking.

Oh how could I forget this–Adrian at Chronicling the Novel nominated pendrifter for an Excellence Award. Thank you, Adrian! And thank you all who peruse my scribblings.