Ecstasy, Maxfield Parrish

28,467, Sweet Taboo. A glorious weekend! Ninety-five degrees, both days sun-drenched, breezy, and I, much to my delight, finally got the Indigo Club scene written. I sat in the dubious shade between a couple palms with Neo on my lap and a big straw hat on my head. Got 1,429 words, and a tad sun-rosy, but it’s all good. And I even got a bonus scene started! I walked home thrilled at the good work.

 Saturday I and a friend visited It’s A Wrap!, a resale shop in west LA selling vintage and contemporary clothing used in television and movies as well as set props from various tv shows and movies. The place was packed with stuff, the air musty with the mingled smells of aging fabrics and old leather, but what a great place to spend a few hours. I came home with a shirt for my brother, who lives in Las Vegas, from the canceled (I think) television show “Viva Laughlin,” a lovely lilac and lavendar blouse from the soap opera “One Life to Live” for me and a pair of great gray wool slacks from Paramount Pictures wardrobe department ($18!). My friend, an expert seamstress, picked up several fine silk ties ornamented with tiny patterns and an exquisite silk scarf dirt cheap ($1.00 to $3.00). She plans to use the ties and scarf for sewing projects, and she found a lovely copper-toned necklace and earrings set ($9.00) which will look fabulous on her. She’s a redhead.

One thing I wished I’d bought was this exquisite vintage fitted peplum suit jacket from the 1930s. It was beautifully tailored, of fine gray wool and the lining was intact and in perfect condition, sewn with the kind of craftsmanship no longer seen. It fit me perfect across the shoulders and the sleeves went all the way down my long arms, but I could not close it across the front. It was missing its buttons, but even so, I think it was designed to be worn open, and couldn’t be buttoned up even if it had buttons. For it to be a perfect fit and not be able to be buttoned up was odd. Still, at $20, I should have bought it, sewed cute “age appropriate” buttons on it and just worn it open.

After that fun time we had a nummy lunch at Torafuku, a Japanese restaurant I’ve been yearning to try. Marvelous!


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  1. What a lot of fun. That place sounds excellent. And how lucky to have warm sunshine. It’s still chilly here though on the weekend it warmed up somewhat. Now they are even predicting snow flurries again. I’m so tired of this not-quite-Spring weather!

    Glad to hear you’re writing. Me too.

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