twists and turns


Catalan Landscape, Joan Miro

“Alrighty then! Looks like you finally got a little something done this morning. Way to go!”

“Tone it down okay? All that bubbly is making my head hurt. Why don’t you sit down and stop jumping around like that?”

“Hey baby girl I’m just keeping the faith for you ’cause I keep tripping over your  psyche lying prone in the swamp, and the sky is always black, gray on a good day, and it’s always raining.”

“Oh spare me. I know what you’re really thinking.”

“I’m thinking you need to move on to Chapter Two and stop dancing around with Chapter One. That waltz is getting old.”

“Do I look like a word factory? Push the button and out it comes? I’ve got to get my thoughts together. Gimme a break.”

“You’re always on break! If this was a real job, you’d be fired!”

“Can we say ‘meow’!”

“Look, I’m trying to steer you right and you’re forever wanting to negotiate. Remember what Yoda said?”

“Yoda’s not real, y’know.”

“Neither is your writing career.”

“Get out, bitch!”