Irises, William Morris 

“So what’s going on with A Lamentation of Swans?”

“You really want to know or are you just poking me in the ribs to see me wince?”

“It’s a wonderful story, a good book. I’m curious why you’ve abandoned it.”

“I have not abandoned it.” Said with great indignation. “Just giving it a rest.”

“Weeds are growing around it.”

“It’ll keep.”


3 thoughts on “musing

  1. Yes, I understand, I get quite frustrated with people who say “haven’t you finished your novel yet?” or “How long have you been working it anyway?” These are usually people who are not writers, and in particular NOT writers of historical fiction, so they have no idea what it entails to finish a novel of that type. I almost get ’embarassed’ when I’m asked that. Those that know say ‘It will be finished when it’s finished.”

  2. I like your current plan, so I’m glad you’re letting the Swans field lie fallow. It’ll be that more sumptious when you return. Keep the faith.

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