strike while the iron is hot


Lemons, Apples, and Tulips, Henri Fantin-Latour

Yesterday, during my phone conference with Lisa, she urged me to get in the zone–the writing zone. She said I have all I need to write my way through the Deidre/Randall novel, and she’s right. This was my 2007 Nano book. All I need to do is rewrite the rough draft. I’ve finished the outline; this morning I finished my read-through and annotation of the manuscript. This weekend I’m going to do a step outline, listing each and every scene along with its objective, point of view and motivation, and a synopsis for myself. Doing the read-through helped me see what new scenes are needed, and what needed improving in the scenes already written. The characters are great–especially Randall.

I’m thinking of this book as a dark fantasy. It’s about love, death, the lack of compassion (so endemic these days), and the wages of malice–the senseless cruelties people practice on each other. I’ve got the whole book in my head–beginning to end. I can feel it. I’m strking while the iron is hot. I’m not going to set any hard and fast deadline, but I think I can rewrite this book by the end of March. (That’s right, D; go ahead, set yourself up.) I’ve got all I need.


7 thoughts on “strike while the iron is hot

  1. You’ve got everything you need to write the next draft? That’s great! Just jump in and go! You can look back later. Get in the flow, and let the momentum carry you along. Good luck and best wishes for your success.

  2. Speaking of iron — my goal is to finish my 2007 nano novel by the end of March too. Shall we let our iron sharpen iron, and cheer each other on? Or maybe I’ll drop the gaunlet and issue a challenge: The victor of the March revision marathon pays for tea in the Rose Cottage in April.

    What say you?

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