Queen of the Night, Henri Fantin-Latour

13,916. I’m aiming to finish a new version of  A Lamentation of Swans by year end, but the novel is thematically complex; I’m wondering if I can make my goal. I’ll keep working on it steadily but I can’t let it stand in the way of other writing I want to do, other stories I want to write. This morning I took a little time away from it to work on the outline and notes for the Deidre and Randall novel, 2007’s Nano book, formerly known as Isabella but now in need of a new title.

Sunday dawned a lovely day, sunny, a tad cool in the morning, but pleasant–good day for an outing so off to Chinatown I went. Good for me and good for the Deidre/Randall story since I took the chance to scout out a useful setting. I took the Metro Blue Line in, transferred to a bus, and spent several hours strolling about, browsing through the shops. There were many, all full of eye-catching stuff–fat, gold-tasseled scarlet lanterns, barrels of dried ginseng (didn’t know there were so many varieties), bags of dried mushrooms, many, many wonderful teas (tasted a delicious sweet-tart plum tea and would’ve bought a bag but it was expensive–maybe next time), jade-handled mirrors, lovely dolls in ornate kimonos–just scads of things. I was very good. Came home with a large can of jasmine green tea, a pair of black flats embroidered with red blossoms, fragrant jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and vanilla-scented bars of Bee & Flower soaps, and a couple other goodies. Those exotic teas could break the bank–I got sticker shock–but I’m going to save my quarters and next time I go, I’m coming home with a few ounces of something wonderful.

Saturday was the Chinese New Year Golden Dragon Parade and bits of confetti, gold, red, blue, fushsia, was scattered along the street. Too bad I missed it, but I was scheduled to read at my writer’s group meeting. Maybe next year.

Saturday I read Chapter 1 (only 12 pages) of the 2006 Nano novel and my messy scribbling was well-received. I still have it set to rewrite in April, but the Deidre/Randall book is breathing down my neck already.