at the ivy gate


Potpourri, Herbert Draper

13,759. A Lamentation of Swans. Finally got the opening lines to Chapter 2 this morning. I think this is a good place to focus on Gadiel Rachor and what he’s doing. Slowly, I’m finding my way along. Meanwhile, to my surprise, I’ve partially outlined my 2007 November novel–although I’ve no plan to rewrite the story this year, I did journal my thoughts about it and found myself outlining it without much trouble. I didn’t bother to look over the manuscript, but the story seems to be blossoming out on its own. There’s sticky points, but nothing to worry over. I’ve got the  rewrite of the 2006 November novel on the calendar for April and the manuscript printed out and waiting. It may be the Isabella story takes precedence. We shall see.

A week ago I finished reading all 5 books of Lilith Saintcrow’s Dante Valentine series. Loved it; especially Japhrimel, although I must say the ending of the final book left me feeling a teeny bit unsatisfied about Dante and Japhrimel’s relationship. Oh well. On the whole, I enjoyed my time in Saintcrow’s well-rendered, post-apocalytic alternate world.


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  1. glad to hear you’re making some progress. I’ve had extra teaching jobs and editing things for my travel website and keeping very busy. Actually today wrote a story for my web site about Chinatown and the Lunar NY parade. So I’m falling a bit behind with Shadow but should get back at it very soon.

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