peregrine falcon


When Spring Begins, Hon. Eleanor Vere Boyle

12,793. A peregrine falcon landed on the ledge outside one of our offices, and with quick turns of his elegant head, he peered in curiously as if looking for a familiar face. For several minutes he gazed in, a bit of office light glistened in his eye, and then he simply spread his wings and fell away. He was a beauty, much larger than a pigeon, smaller than an eagle–forest green feathers capped his head; he had a dark speckled body and an elegant beak, a short crescent thin as a pen stroke. He gave us a moment of delight in our mundane day of dry work.

 Good, if short, work this morning. Ferrant is about to ask Kei-Nori an important question–something they’ve not discussed before. He’s hoping she’s simpatico on the issue; to his disappointment, he’ll discover she’s not, and that will complicate things for him. Tomorrow’s Writing Saturday with Michelle, and I look forward to it. Hope to get considerable work done after we have our usual scrumptious lunch at Todai.


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