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11,699. Saturday last Janet and I went to “Star Trek: The Tour” at the Queen Mary Dome here in Long Beach. We had too much fun! ST: The Tour is a fantastic and fun exhibition of all the Star Trek shows featuring costumes, special effects accoutrements, like Dr. McCoy’s medical instruments, phasers, recorders, various alien replicas, like the marvelous head of the Borg Queen, and the blue-skinned Andorian, the many weapons and cultural what-nots of the alien races, and costumes from the shows and more.

Plus, there were sets! The bridge of the original starship Enterprise and the bridge of the Next Generation’s Enterprise and the Captain’s Quarters, and NG’s sickbay, and oh yeah, the Transporter Room where you could see yourself being transported. Janet and I checked to make sure we had all our pieces before stepping down. We were like little kids at the interactive exhibits. We rode in the shuttle, were confronted by the Borg, blew up the Cube, dodged asteroids, and landed safely at base. A popular set exhibit was the time gate from City on the Edge of Forever. Lots of posing and picture taking went on there. 

And there was an interactive video where you were spliced into an episode and responded to Kirk, Spock, and crew with suitable lines of dialogue, with everyone outside the video cubicle watching. I was a tad too shy to do that but it was great fun watching braver souls have their few minutes of fame. (The interactive photos and videos were recorded for you and you picked them up in the store.)

My favorite of the wonderful displays were the models of the incarnations of the Enterprise and other ships of the ST universe.

We rested in Ten Forward–the original from NG–and I shopped the store, of course. What a fun day!

I took lots of photos with my camera phone. Had I known cameras were allowed I would have brought my digital.

Oh, by the way, a new Star Trek movie reprising the original with a new set of young actors to play Kirk, Spock, et al is in the works! (Squee!)

And I’ve just ordered a dvd set of all 79 episodes of the original Star Trek. I can hardly wait.

Yes, I’m a trekkie geek and I’ve got a brand new Mr. Spock poseable action figure doll to prove it! (And a coffee cup printed with colorful classic insignias, and a Star Trek Academy sweatshirt.) Yes. I’m hopeless.


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  1. Wow! That must have been SO MUCH FUN!!! I’m so excited just reading about it! Glad you got to see/do all that. You must be in ST heaven right now!

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