zombies can be fun


Roses, Henri Fantin-Latour 

10,594. Last night’s dreamscape was all zombies and monsters and we had a good time. I always like when zombies are friendly. In this case it was one zombie and one of Vince Locke’s ghoulish creatures. We were playing a risky game, but lucky for me I won each time. The way it went, Zombie had a wand that he’d drop. If he dropped the wand before I made it to the bottom of this winding stair, I was compelled to catch it, and once I caught it, I had to go all the way into the basement and make a present. We played this game with the usual dreamworld repetition and at one point when I got to the basement to make my present (in a certain amount of time, I think), it was a bit shadowy in there, and full of junk, and Creature shuffled in–all decaying skin and a mouth full of pointy flesh-renders but I gave him a cheery wave and yelled “Hey Boo-boo!” He grinned and waved back. Nice guy. Think I spent a bit too much time browsing through Vince Locke’s drawings yesterday afternoon.

Devon commented that first drafts are wonderful ’cause they’re so full of possibilities. Absolutely! It makes writing A Lamentation of Swans exciting and nerve-wracking. To break through my obsession with perfection, Lisa challenged me to do 5000 words of bad writing, just for the exercise. I got started on them this morning, and the whole time I mumbled to myself–writing is rewriting. If ever I needed a mantra…

It’s Friday! Yabba-dabba-doo!