put down that whip, she said


Asters and Fruit on a Table, Henri Fantin-Latour

10,180. Wrote a few words this morning in the manuscript about Gadiel Rachor, whom I’ve not written much about at all, although he is closely connected to Ferrant. I know a little about Gadiel. He is the son and grandson of a physician and was educated as a physician himself, although he’s not practiced medicine in a long time. He is, in the story, turning out to be of more interest to me than I’d at first determined. Gaius is also a physician. I think a new story connection just opened up. The writing of this novel is like an excavation, an archaeological expedition. The more I write, the more I think, the more layers I discover.


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  1. You really are covering new ground in Swans. This is wonderful. Have a great weekend. I know you’ll reach your goals.

    BTW; loved the Magritte from the previous blog.

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