daisy loops


Still Life with Flowers, Henri Fantin-Latour 

I laid out my writing calendar for the year, but I’m going to give it the gimlet eye and maybe change a few things, like when I’m going to start rewriting one of the two November novels. I’m thinking April for SILK RIVER–I can’t make up my mind; I swing back and forth between the two, loop de loop. First it was going to be SILK RIVER, then I decided the Isabella book ought to be the thing, now I’m back to SILK RIVER ’cause lightning struck and I got a feeling about Jewel and her mother. So April–by April my mind may loop toward the other manuscript, either way, one of them is going to be the rewrite project. Guess I’ll have to surprise myself.

The way the calendar looks right now for the first quarter of the year:


Sundays = Project B

Monday – Friday = A Lamentation of Swans

Saturdays = Potluck! (+ a short story)


All of the above but Saturdays will be: November Novel rewrite. Probably will have to backburner something.

Me needs to focus before me drives me crazy!


3 thoughts on “daisy loops

  1. Well, I’ll say – you have a lot of pots in the fire! You at least seemed very dedicated to your craft. Can’t wait to buy your novel someday! 🙂

  2. I’m amazed how you multi-task with your writing. I can mix historical fiction and travel journalism and the odd memoire but I don’t think I could handle writing two or three fiction works at once like you do.

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