Composition, Piet Mondrian 

A little work done on A Lamentation of Swans this morning, but nothing much to speak of. Michelle mentioned to me that my writing schedule is “aggressive.” It’s what engineers say when they think it’s nearly impossible, she said. Lol! She’s right, I think. I’m in a contemplative tizzy deciding what to work on and when and how often. The schedule for A Lamentation of Swans is pretty well set; it’s how to divvy up the weekend time that’s worrying me. I want to be as productive as I can.

I got an new idea on how to rewrite one of my short stories from last year. Junk everything but the first scene–which is the best–and follow my new tangent from there. So I want to fit that one in somewhere. And then there’s Project B, which is going to require some considerable reading and brainstorming time, and then I must be methodical about the rewrite of the Isabella book or it might fall between the cracks. I’ve got this dream of rewriting this book in the next six months and sending it out on agent hunt. And there’s the five new short stories I want to do this year. So yes–quite aggressive.

Meanwhile, back at the brain ranch, I’ve resumed my study of Spanish, using language tapes from Berlitz. Finally get to make the hideous commute time pay off. On the financial front, I’ve got one major credit card left to pay off, and then I’ll be credit card debt free! This year!


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  1. Been busy with various media events this week. AGM for travel writers last night and a delicious dinner put on by Maui tourism tonight. So not much writing accomplished but I’m schmoozing for my travel stuff so that’s important. And won another door-prize yesterday (no, not the trip to Hawaii)a weekend at a nice place over in Victoria (for 2. Now, if only I had a honey!)

    Sounds like you’ve been doing lots of writing!

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