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6,890. Meeting with Michelle today for the first of our monthly Writing Saturdays. A winter rainstorm has blown in and soaked us, blessing us with freshly washed morning air. I hope my drive to Michelle’s goes smoothly. So Cal drivers lose their minds when it rains. Have to make space for this year’s goals. Right now every week day morning is taken up with “A Lamentation of Swans” and I don’t want to splinter that schedule, and I certainly must give it significant time on the weekends too, at least 4 hours. But I’ve got a total of 16 hours on the weekend to devote to writing–8 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday so that’s 12 hours for the other projects (except ALoS gets all of Writing Saturday). I can work with that, and I’ll leave it loose–work on whichever one snags my attention, either a “5 in 10” story, Project B, or the rewrite of one of the November novels, and I’ve got to decide which of the November novels I want to get back into. I’m thinking “Silk River”.

I don’t know what’s gone wrong between WordPress and my computer but suddenly the formatting doesn’t hold. When I “save” everything smushes together in one giant paragraph and I can’t make a list. And the html code for paragraphing and line breaks doesn’t stay put either. Anyone have a solution? 


3 thoughts on “Writing Saturday

  1. I had that problem for a couple of hours yesterday and the day before. I usually work everything in the “Code” rather than “Visual” window. But it wouldn’t let me work in “Code”. I could only work in “Visual”, which mean there were a lot of things I couldn’t do as far as graphics.

    But the paragraphing held.

    Today, it seems to work.

  2. I haven’t been able to do any work on Shadow the last two days as it’s taken all my time sorting out and organizing the handouts for my night school classes. I actully worked at it 7 hrs yesterday and 7 hrs today. Plus today my friend came over to discuss my new website and tonight was my writer’s group. But, now those big tasks are taken care of (for now) I can get back to work on. I saw an amazing play on the weekend – Hecuba, by Eurypides, and it gave me so much inspiration!

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