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A Pilgrim, Arild Rosenkrantz

6,890. Devon, thanks for that warm vote of confidence. I’m more optimistic about A Lamentation of Swans than I’ve been in a long time and I think if I stick to my new plan, I’ll finish it this year.

Yesterday the writing centered on Ferrant, who has my attention in a way that Gaius (bless his heart) did not. Not that I’ve set Gaius aside; I like him and understand him. That, I think, caused my stumbling about with his storyline. Exploring Gaius was like exploring a place I knew well, enjoyable, but without the mystery of the unexpected, the serendipity that happens with a character. He wasn’t boring; just familiar. Ferrant, on the other hand, is fascinating.

So…here be my 2008 GDRs:


Finish the first draft of A Lamentation of Swans

Rewrite one of the November novels

Write and submit 5 short stories

Work on Project B

Plan a new November novel

Pay off all credit card debts (This one is already 75% done. Yay!)

Save money!


Take a trip somewhere this year

Do renovations on condo

Take a year and half off to write (Prepare myself!)


Stick to my early morning writing schedule

Write 4 – 8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays

Eat regular meals and keep to my 9 pm sleep time (so I’ll have energy to get up at 5 a.m.)

Make room in schedule for social stuff but do not let it interfere with the writing

In December, I met with Michelle and we assessed our progress. I feel I made very little progress with ALoS and very little progress with writing overall, but looking back through my journal, I wrote over 48,000 words on the fantasy novel and improved it greatly. Also, creating the Swanology binder was a fun way to play with the book.  I submitted one short story in 2007. My plan this year is to use Devon’s “5 in 10” to write five stories to be submitted during the year. I’m glad I decided to start from square one with ALoS; it’s going much better than before. Following my own inclinations and creative impulses in the manuscript, I hope, will get me to the end and then I can rewrite to my heart’s content.

One new thing I did in 2007 was to hire Lisa Gates as my coach. Lisa’s philosophy is the integration of one’s art with one’s life. We’ve only had a few meetings so far, but she’s been terrific in changing my attitude and helping me shape a new perspective in time to start a new year. I was pretty low late last year and needed to hear a stronger voice than my own to re-energize my flagging spirit. Thanks, Lisa, and yes, I’m ready for our mid-month meeting.

Losing Mom and having major surgery froze the last half of 2007, but things happen in life and one must roll with the punches. I’m grateful for every sunrise. I hope 2008 is a good year for me and my family, and most especially, a good year for the writing!


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  1. Sweetness to find you here talking about coaching. What I really get from this is that you’re committed to having someone on your team, and to taking up space in the “company of your peers” so to speak. I’m grateful to work with you Debra. Thank you!

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