2008 at the gate


The music faintly falling, dies away, John Melhuish Strudwick


Outside my bedroom window, it appears a cold morning, pale sky and the sun a fist-sized blot of hard bright light shining through the tree branches. Yesterday I worked most of the day on “A Lamentation of Swans,” then a friend picked me up and we went to see ATONEMENT. This one joins my list of writer’s movies, right alongside STRANGER THAN FICTION. Brilliant film; romantic, tragic, and, like THE ENGLISH PATIENT, beautifully structured. I won’t give anything away but the full impact of the story doesn’t hit you until the end. I loved it.

So, last day of the year. I’ve invited a friend to join me for New Year’s Eve dinner, have to go to Trader Joe’s to pick up a bottle of fine champagne–reluctant to leave the cave today but must have something good to ring in the new year and to accompany the marinated salmon planned for this evening’s meal. And then, I’m going to work on ALoS until it’s time to get dinner ready.

Here’s to a happy new year! Happy writing, d: 



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  1. I so love to see that you celebrate your writing, your writing life, and that you document your progress here! We are all holding you accountable. How lovely it is to have a community of your peers doing that for you, isn’t it?

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